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Job Number : 25554
Type and Location : Forensic / NSW - Other
Listed By : Stephens & Bradley on 14 Sep 2018
Psychologist/Forensic Psychologist


Stephens & Bradley is a practice that provides both forensic and clinical psychological services. It has developed a strong expert and professional reputation within the legal fraternity and the NSW judiciary. Addtionally it has a collegial relationship with other forensic psychology practices and seeks to continue those relationships.

The practice is acknowleged as professional and accomplished in it's duty to the Court and in providing clinical treatment to both forensic and non forensic clients. The experise in assessment, court reports, and expert evidence has over the past years evidenced a continuing development and employment of personnel. 


Forensic psychology is a challenging area. It is an area charged with understanding, challenging and explaining behaviour for the purposes of the Court. Much of forensic psychology deals with understanding, challenging and developing treament to prevent offending behaviour. Other aspects of forensic psychology deal with providing a psychology scientist-practitioner model of behaviour in a legal process.


Stephens & Bradley provides clinical treatment to individuals referred through medical practices and EAP systems and any applicant needs to be prepared to provide therapeutic treatment. However the practice does have a strong emphasis upon forensic psychology and any applicant will need to have a desire to learn and/or enhance skills in forensic psychology.

Our practice works in the areas of civil, criminal and immigration matters and we avoid family law court matters. Consequently we are able to approach matters from a forensic manner, working from the offending backwards. Having determined the 'why' something happened we are then able to recommend the 'how' to prevent it happening again. To provide meaningful input to the Court a psychologist must be prepared to defend their opinion if challenged. It is one of the few areas of psychology where you will be challenged as an expert about your diagnoses and opinion. To treat an individual, a psychologist is expected to have performed some form of assessment resulting in a diagnosis of a condition, otherwise what is the basis for treatment?

Many psychologists treat victims of crime and it is acknowledged crime has a rippling effect through the victim's family and network. Each psychologist treating abuse and trauma 'sits' at the end of the 'cattle whip', holding each person (leather strand) of the network (whip). However forensic psychology sits at the hand of the whip, looking at modifying the action of the hand and preventing the crack of the whip.  In essence forensic psychology is a preventative measure, preventing the psychosocial impacts upon society that offending behaviour has upon individuals and families. 


Applications are strongly invited from generalist psychologists, recently graduated forensic psychologists and psychologists who have recently attained full registration. There are no prerequisits for prior employment or experise. Training will be provided.

So to be sure....generalist psychologist are actively encouraged to apply. Forensic Psychologists are also encouraged.  Clinical Psychologists are not required. 

If you think that making a change to society is a thing for you, then perhaps this might be an avenue.

You do not need your own insurance, as we will insure you. You don't even need a medicare number if you don't want do to medicare work!. You simply need appropriate qualifications and a willingness to learn, earn 'coin' and a desire to make a difference. 

We have an office in the Sydney CBD with an office opening in Wollongong during late October, 2018.

The position is part time with a view of making future full time and part time positions available. There is no obligation for you to take a full time position.  

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