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Job Number : 25762
Type and Location : Clinical / Sydney
Listed By : Campbell Cosmetic Hearing on 11 Oct 2018
Hearing Health Psychologist - Partnership Opportunity

This advertisement essentially seeks expressions of interests from Psychologists and experienced Psychology students interested in having an ownership stake in their own private practice and an interest in considering the dynamic, rewarding and related profession of Audiology. 

I became interested in Audiology 20 years ago during my undergraduate psych studies. It's a growing profession with improving technology and an ageing population. Since obtaining my Master of Audiology, I've worked in 5 different countries, opened around 50 practices and amongst other things, started that Bay Audio company 11 years ago, you may have seen them in shopping centres near you. 

I now have my own independent practices in Brisbane and am looking to expand this via a partnership model into other states in around 6 months. I focus on the private market mainly self funded retirees via an innovative, low overhead flexible model based on successful private practices in the USA. There is a relatively strong focus on neuroscience and dementia prevention. Untreated hearing loss leads to a 200% increase in the risk of dementia and hearing aids are the single most effective modifiable prevention measure. 

I'm seeking professional, psych trained, commercially oriented, entrepreneurial partners with strong consulting skills, an interest in changing lives and in being rewarded to do so in the process. Ideal locations are inner city and high socioeconomic areas.

Frequently we can achieve a great outcome at the initial consultation. As there is product involved, earning potential is significantly higher than in settings that are purely focused on consultations. 

A Master of Audiology is not necessary, more than sufficient technical skills are taught via online course and on the job. The ability to build rapport and influence change are significantly more important than the technical skills you'll need to be successful. 

There's some great Audiologists out there, however the predominant focus tends to be on government welfare and the status quo, emotional intellect is generally not a defining feature and studies have shown this would you believe. 

Note, expansion will not occur until 2019 and at this stage I'm aiming for expressions of interest with the view of initial meetings later this year. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Regards



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Contact Andrew on or call 0432250015

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