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Job Number : 29129
Type and Location : Australian Psychological Society National Office / Melbourne
Listed By : The Australian Psychological Society Ltd on 7 Nov 2019
Policy Advisor

The Policy Division ensures APS policy development is rigorously directed to supporting the strategic goals of the organisation and the professional viability of its members.

The Policy Advisor plays a key role in contributing to the APS vision for helping people achieve positive change so they can confidently contribute their best to the community and ensures that the APS becomes a respected opinion leader. They do this through policy analysis and professional support to expand access to psychologists, psychological knowledge, and psychological services.

The Policy Advisor identifies, researchers and analyses issues and trends that may affect the work of APS members and community wellbeing more broadly. They also consult with members and other stakeholders to deliver policy advice to the CEO and APS Board.

In identifying issues, the Policy Advisor also supports APS members by developing appropriate resources and support materials to enable them to best meet the requirements of high quality professional practice in whatever sector in which they are engaged.

Working under the direction of the Chief Policy Officer and as part of a team, the Policy Advisor articulates issues in all areas of psychology. They are responsible for presenting their advice, arguments and support materials in a clear, evidenced based and verifiable form.

To provide effective advocacy, information and support to members whilst achieving viable reforms in areas of priority for the APS at state, territory and national levels. The Policy Advisor also supports members in their professional practice by influencing the position of government and key stakeholders to align with APS positions, providing information and support materials to members informing them in advance of changes that may affect their practice.

Duties include but are not limited to:


Policy Development

Assist the Chief of Policy to:

  • Develop policies for APS Board approval on professional issues of current state/territory and national concern.
  • Prepare and write policy briefs, submissions, review papers, position statements, information sheets, and reports that contribute to the APS strategic objectives.
  • Identify opportunities for early involvement in discussions pertaining to policy development affecting members and the community

Reporting and communication

  • Complete high quality written documents to tight timelines.
  • Develop concise and evidence-based briefings that may be used to inform the APS media and communications team.
  • As appropriate, provide advice and support to APS staff in other teams.

Research and analysis

  • Utilise resources (including research literature, government reports and member input) to identify and respond to professional, public and social issues that may impact on or have relevance to psychology.
  • Critically analyse the literature to develop options for the APS to effectively respond to identified issues.

Member support

  • Identify areas of need to build member capacity, knowledge and competence in relation to all areas of their practice and initiate and develop appropriate support and information material.
  • Consult with and work collaboratively with members to utilise their expertise to inform APS policy and projects.
  • Build and maintain relationships with members and stakeholders.

External representation and collaboration

  • Represent the APS at external meetings, as required.
  • Work collaboratively with government departments and agencies on issues and projects relevant to psychology.

About you

You hold a Master of Public Health Policy or Public Policy, or a qualification in psychology, and you have demonstrated experience in policy roles with strong research and problem-solving skills. You are familiar with technology and applications that organise information. You have a broad knowledge of public policy issues and a knowledge of the discipline and practice of psychology. A demonstrated understanding of the social determinants of health and mental health are an advantage.

You also have well developed written and oral presentation skills and are able coherently present ideas while collaborating effectively with others. You hold strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build strong, trusting relationships with internal and external stakeholders.


How to apply for this job

Interested? In order to be considered for the role, please submit your CV and a covering letter addressing the following : 

  1. Provide a brief summary of your experience in health and human services policy development?
  2. Describe a recent authoritative and convincing piece of work you have written relating to psychology or mental health.
  3. Please provide an example of when you have critically analysed literature and data to develop options in response to an identified policy issue.

Applications close 25 November, 2019.

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