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Exciting Opportunity for a Pyschologist
4 Pillars Wellness is a business starting in February 2024. My business has been created to help people become the best (mental and physical) versions of themselves. To do this our programme will utilise the services of Psychology, Personal Training, Nutrition and Mindset. The psychology is the most important pillar as our mental/emotional wellbeing affects the other 3 pillars. As the business is new I am looking for a psychologist to work with my son who suffers Generalised Anxiety along with working with professionals from the other pillars. If this sounds like you and you want to be a part of something special, I look forward to connecting.

Contact details

Name: Deborah Hatter
Phone: +61425358848
Email: [email protected]
Listed: 5 Feb 2024
Location(s): Sydney

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