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Job Number : 42265
Type and Location : Counselling / Northern Territory
Listed By : Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College on 7 Jun 2024
College Counsellor

We are seeking a full time School/College Counsellor to commence term 3.

$88,204 - $105,445pa

 Key Responsibilites

  1. To notify the Principal of the students who are at risk in the following areas: sexual, physical or emotional abuse, homelessness and suicide;
  2. To provide students with effective counselling support and assistance, and referral to appropriate agencies if required;
  3. To discuss in confidence any matters that relate to a student’s welfare with the appropriate personnel;
  4. To demonstrate a commitment to each individual student – to what they are and to what they can become;
  5. To deal with students in a positive and growth-promoting way, at all times displaying respect and compassion;
  6. To promote an environment where all students feel safe, valued and listened to;
  7. To encourage a sense of resilience in each individual student;
  8. To participate in PCT meetings to inform and be informed;
  9. To support parent/family as appropriate through support and referral;
  10. To liaise with outside agencies as appropriate; and,
  11. To carry out other tasks as negotiated with the Principal.
Contact Details
Tracey Bainbridge

08 8950 6409

[email protected]

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