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Job Number : 42277
Type and Location : Rehabilitation / TAS - Other
Listed By : Gray Matters Advertising on 11 Jun 2024
Psychologist – Rehabilitation

Tasmanian Health Service – North-West Coast

Closing: 10 July 2024

To be Tasmanian is to pursue quality over quantity. We create, preserve, and protect the unusual. With quiet confidence, with passion and perseverance, we pursue the extraordinary. Could you be Tasmanian?

You could be a Psychologist anywhere. What’s different about Tasmania is our culture and our lifestyle. You will have a powerful connection to your clients and their families, and the community will encourage your success. Our isolation helps drive a culture of innovation and human connection, which feels both old fashioned and… like the only future worth pursuing.

Here you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to breath-taking coastlines, National Parks and incredible fresh produce crafted by our locals. After a hard day at work, you don’t have to sit in traffic for an hour. You decompress with a coastal drive through quaint little towns, or put on your boots and tell it to the mountain.

We are small enough here for you to shape and influence your work and make a real impact every day. Yet we are big enough for you to feel part of something important, somewhere you can belong and be surrounded by diversity, friendships, professional support, and positive lifestyles. Tasmanians are connected to the land where we live, and to the stories of the people who have cared for this place for tens of thousands of years.

You’ll play a leading role in our inclusive and expert team across North-West Regional and Mersey Community Hospital’s, working alongside our Physicians, fellow Allied Health professionals and Nurses to provide comprehensive care that is centred on the unique situation of each individual you meet. This is how you can gain true meaning from your work. The team will rely on you thriving in your role and will be invested in making this a reality. Take a look at the Statement of Duties below for more details.

For more information on becoming a Psychologist in North-West Tasmania, or to learn more about what we can do for you (relocation, salary benefits, development opportunities, etc.) please email or phone Lucie, our Manager: [email protected] or (03) 6493 6188

If you need any more convincing about our beautiful part of the world, here it is North-West Tasmania

Details of Appointment : Permanent, full time, day work position working 76 hours per fortnight 

Salary: $106,966 - $123,013 per annum + 11% superannuation

Salary Packaging: You’ll have access to salary package a range of benefits including living expenses up to $9,010 + $2,650 in meal entertainment each FBT year + other benefits if eligible. 

Relocation Assistance: Reimbursement for up to $5000 of expenses incurred through relocating 

Professional Development: $1,000 per annum for expenses incurred for professional development

How to Apply

For more information and how to apply, please visit our website


Contact Details
Lucie Bramich

Position: Manager - Occupational Therapy Services

Phone: (03) 6493 6188

E-mail: [email protected]

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