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Job Number : 42425
Type and Location : HR/Psychology / ACT
Listed By : UM Canberra on 10 Jul 2024
PWSS provides a wide range of human resource services for Parliamentarians and their staff  including work health and safety services, recruitment support and advice on general employment matters, development and delivery of bespoke training, coaching and education. It also provides a 24 hour independent and confidential support service for all Commonwealth parliamentary workplace participants.

Pending the establishment of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Commission, the PWSS also maintains a workplace review function.
More information about the PWSS is available at: 
The Case Coordination team provide a confidential 24 hour support service, including counselling, early intervention, local resolution, debriefing sessions, conflict resolution and referrals to specialist services for all Commonwealth parliamentary workplace participants who have been impacted by workplace conflict (including serious incidents or misconduct). We work in a complex and fast-paced environment, to collaboratively achieve our objectives. 

Reporting to the Director of Case Coordination, key responsibilities include:
• Provision of high level case management and case coordination skills in the development of case plans, facilitation of referrals and coordination of interventions.
• Identification and management of work health and safety risks, including psychosocial risks.
• Provision of trauma-informed care in dealing with trauma associated with discrimination, bullying, harassment, assault and sexual assault.
• Providing high level advice on case work, service delivery issues management and operational policy, particularly in relation to the experiences and needs of First Nations people who work or volunteer in Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces.
• Preparing complex and/or sensitive correspondence and corporate documentation, reports, submissions, proposal papers and notes.
• Developing complex policy that requires a detailed analysis of diverse data and views where there are a range of viable options.
• Undertaking other duties as required.
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Georgie Kerry

[email protected]

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