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How does the classified ad search work?
PsychXchange publishes general classifieds (ie. rooms for rent, psychological products for sale etc.) within the field of psychology in Australia and internationally.

You can search for a classified by choosing a location and/or a category. To select more than one option in the search boxes simply hold down the "Ctrl" key (PC) or "Apple" key (Mac) while selecting with your mouse.

What if no results are listed when I do a search?
Your search criteria may be too narrow. To broaden your search select more items within the Location/Category options. To display all classifieds listed on PsychXchange simply select All Locations and All Categories and click Search.

Is the classified ad search free?
Yes. You can search for and browse classified ads at no cost. You do not need to register to use PsychXchange.

How do I respond to a classified ad?
All classified ads include information on how to contact the advertiser who is promoting the goods or services advertised. Each advertiser determines their own contact details and how they manage the sale of their goods or services. PsychXchange does not act as an intermediary between you and the advertiser. See our Terms and Conditions.

How long are the classified ads listed for?
Classified ads are posted daily and are listed for 30 days, unless the advertiser has chosen an earlier listing end date. Ads will be removed automatically from the site once they have expired, unless the advertiser chooses to re-advertise the ad

How do I place a classified ad?
Anyone can place a classified ad using our easy Place A Classified Ad 4-step process.

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