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How do I place a classified ad?
You can use our easy 4-step Place a Classified Ad process to:

  • Place a single 30 day classified ad for $66.00 AUS [Incl GST]
  • Pay by credit card [payment must be received before ad goes live]
  • Place a Classified Ad now 


Payment by credit card Ads are approved within one to two working days.** Your credit card is processed using real-time authentication. You will receive a 'paid' tax invoice via email.
Payment by invoice Payment by invoice is available for job ads only. Payment by invoice is not available for classified ads.

Is the payment process secure?
The payment process is fully secured using an authentic Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate that encrypts all data. This process ensures that your personal and credit card details are kept safe when you submit the payment form.

Your credit card is processed using real-time authentication, which means that your banking institution processes and authenticates your credit card details. We do not see or store you credit card details. Read our Privacy Policy.

What are the tax charges for Australian customers?
GST is included in the price of the classified ad.

What are the taxes charged for international customers?
If you are placing a classified ad from a country outside Australian then taxes will not be applied. You are responsible for taxes/duties applicable to international purchases within your country.

What should I include in a classified ad?
The classified ad placement process will prompt you for the key information; however, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Ensure the title of your classified ad clearly indicates the kind of product or service you are advertising eg: ROOM FOR RENT or TEST MATERIAL FOR SALE or PRACTICE FOR SALE.
  • Ensure the location is very prominent. For example, Perth City or Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Keep the message brief and concise.
  • Make sure the phone number you leave is attended during office hours and is correct.
  • Include an email address.

Note: Please do not cut and paste text or logos into your ad as this can lead to formatting issues, particularly when bullet points are used.

How do I register as an advertiser?
To register as an advertiser click here.

What are the benefits of registering as an advertiser?
When you register you will get an Advertiser Login Account, which will allow you to:

  • Fast track your classified ad placement; the forms will be auto-filled with your details
  • Re-advertise current or past job ads, without having to re-enter the information
  • Update your account details.

How do I re-advertise a classified ad?
When you set up an Advertiser Login Account you will be able to:

  • Login to view a list of current and past classified ads.
  • Use a past or current classified ad as the basis of a new classified ad.
  • Modify the content of the classified ad.
  • Re-advertise an existing classified ad without any changes.

When you re-advertise a past or current classified ad, a new classified ad will be created, which you will be asked to pay for. Please note that you cannot modify a live classified ad. If you need to change a live classified ad please email [email protected] and please have your classified ad number on hand, so we can quickly locate it.

What if I want to remove the classifed ad before the expiry date?
To remove your classified ad before the expiry date you will need to email [email protected] and please have your classified ad number ready to quote. We will remove the classified ad from the live website for you. If you have an Advertiser Login Account, you will have access to a list of your current and past classified ads.

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